Enamel wash basin

Wash basins for the disabled and older people with support rails and brackets. For increased safety, the wash basin can be ordered, in addition to white, in the warning colours green and light blue.

Can be ordered from 575 mm up to 1225 mm in 50 mm steps. Upturned edges on two sides. Has brackets sitting outside the wall. Bracket length from 200-440 mm depending on the depth of the wash basin. Depth 300-500 in 50 mm steps. Also available with a taper to the left or right side.

Can be ordered with support rail.

Manually adjustable brackets with rails for vertical adjustment
with an adjustment range of 200 mm.
Support rail.

Art.no RSK-no NRF-no Comment
18.200 Taper to the right
18.201 Taper to the left
18.203 Rectangular
Wash basin in Corian
Wash basin for the disabled adapted for wheelchair users
Electrically operated wash basin with mirror
Art.no 18.110  Wash basin for the disabled accessible for wheelchairs with motorised height adjustment
Rostfritt tvättställ
Art.no 70.200  Tvättställ tillverkat i rostfritt stål.
Rostfritt RWC-tvättställ med stödhandtag
Art.no 70.220  Rostfritt RWC-tvättställ med stödhandtag för offentliga utrymmen. Utformningen av tvättstället underlättar bruk av rullstolsburna personer.