RSK-no: 809 74 00
NRF-no: 610 05 24

Universalfixture for toilet and bidet

Sweden's probably most common fixture for wall-hung toilets.

Toilet fixture for wall-hung WCs and bidets, with three different bolt heights 345, 375 and 410 mm and two different c/c dimensions 180 and 230 mm, making it suitable for most conceivable environments and types of porcelain.

The fixture comes with accompanying drain clamp that facilitates assembly and fixing of the drain connection. The fixture is also fitted with an interchangeable bracket for water connection.

The different bolt heights are designed to ensure that the porcelain can be mounted at a seat height designed for primary and middle schools, up to a height for RWC toilets.

Suitable for
IFÖ 3875, 6245, 6293, 6775, 6875, 6893, 6894 ROT, Public Steel

IDO 37219, 76120, 76166, 77215

Villeroy & Boch - Gustavsberg 339, 1522, 3530, 4330, 5530, 5598, 5G84, 8330

Purus V131, V135

Laufen Kompas

2 x galv stud bolts M6x115
2 x galv stud bolts M12x125
1 pair x two-piece clamp Dim 110
2 x tube
2 x galv stud bolts M6x57
1 x assembly template

Adjustable toilet fixture 20.003  For toilet and bidet.
Eksjö fixture 20.020  Extra reinforced toilet fixture.
Fixture package for WC
An easy and convenient solution, fixture and WC connector to a package price.