RSK-no: 797 53 70
NRF-no: 610 05 08

Toilet armrest with support leg

Available in lengths 784 or 1080 mm.

The support is hinged to the wall and self-locking in its raised position. The toilet armrest can be fitted with a toilet paper holder. Powder coated steel.
For use in wet conditions use stainless model 14.025.
Height 786 mm
Protrusion 784 mm / 1080 mm

 Can be ordered with high-visibility color blue, yellow or red.
Toiletarmrests usually mounted at c/c 600 mm between the armrests.
Toilet paper holder should be mounted on both right and left arms.

 When mounted near bath/shower, use stainless steel version. RSK-no NRF-no Comment
14.000 797 53 70 610 05 08 Utsprång=784 mm
14.050 Utsprång=1080 mm
14.025 Utsprång=784 mm, rostfri

1 x wall bracket (200x100 mm)
4 x screws

Free-standing toilet armrest 14.200  Free-standing toilet armrest that does not require permanent installation. The armrest is suitable for both wall-mounted and floor-mounted water closets.